Linking to scales not from Nokia or Fitbit ?

Would it be possible to link Cronometer to third party scales besides the Nokia and Fitbit ones?
I am thinking on getting one, but as I am not interested in weight loss (I'm an ultra-runner) I don't have an urgent need for tracking weight and my current scale does it's job.
I am thus trying to make up my mind on whether to buy a new one or not and in case I do I definitely don't want to invest a hundred bucks.



  • Hi @Enric , Check to see if the scales you are looking at link with Google Fit or Apple Health. If so, you can then sync Cronometer with Google Fit or Apple Health to import the data from your scale in a bit of a sneaky way ;)

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  • Hey, Thanks! I found it already in the app. I got an El-Cheapo scale that does sync to Apple Health, now I don't have to add the weight and fat percentage. Cool!

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