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It would be great to have a Fitbit FAQ (and other related FAQs) that would serve as an easy reference point to answers such as 'why don't the total calories burned #'s match' or 'how often does it sync data' and the like, which I'm sure has been asked before. An FAQ would save syncer's like me the time of searching through the forum or asking questions that have already been answered... and would support us in 'hitting the ground running' by creating the opportunity to read up on all these things before we even get a wearable.

Thank you!! I still love Cronometer ;)


  • Would be good to highlight that 'using fitness tracker' is the right setting for such - perhaps show it separately from 'comatose'.

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    Hi @keepthebeet , we DO have a FAQ page that has been recently updated! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, but unfortunately yours wasn't asked very often! I am happy to answer it here though! And you can always feel free to email us at [email protected].
    Fitbit syncs data quite frequently relative to other devices, and you should see your data updated within 5 minutes or so of doing activity with your fitbit. But be patient! Sometimes it may take a couple minutes extra depending on the speed of your internet connection! Make sure you are logged in to your account in order to sync.
    Cronometer gives your BMR amount and General activity Calories burned total for the day right away in the morning, whereas fitbit updates this amount throughout the day to reflect an estimate of how many calories burned up to the minute. Cronometer gives the total amount at the beginning of the day in order to be able to better plan meals and activity for tracking purposes. At the end of the day, the number should match though - or at least be similar. Check that you have entered the same body details in each program ie. height, weight, etc. We may be also using a slightly different formula or estimation for general activity (If you haven't switched it to none if you are tracking general activity with fitbit) and BMR.

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    Thanks! My suggestion of a FAQ specific to the Fitbit though remains. The one you linked to doesn't answer any questions about wearables. You could also expand on the info in the section on linking to a Fitbit.

  • I second this request for a wearable FAQ. I cannot find how to get fitbit to show up anywhere on Cronometer even though it is synced according to my phone app. Is the paid version required for this? I found a post about exporting food to fitbit, does it only work in that direction? What type of information might I be able to get if this works? There is nothing here to help. Maybe people aren't asking because this is very easy/user-friendly to do and popular on (some other app) so people leave cronometer to get the wearable feature included in their diary? After a 15 minute search through the instructions and the community, I am headed to Google in hopes that a user blog might explain what I can do with Fitbit and Cronometer. I really prefer Cronometer to (that other app) so I hope you will consider making this more user friendly. Cronometer is more accurate and comprehensive, great app!!

  • Hello, The above linked help page is now outdated, and will redirect to our general help page. We have 2 articles to help you link and troubleshoot your device.
    You can find them here:

    Please let me know if these articles do not address your concerns!

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