How do I add food 'Per Meal'

Yep, I know you can highlight (and shift click) the meal to break down the nutrients per item — but is there a way to certain meals to a 'Meal 1', 'Meal 2', etc? I really need to keep track of these things.. thanks!


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    As a non-Gold user you can create recipes. Multiselect the items you wish to be a part of one meal, right click, and select "Create recipe from selected items" (Or choose this option from the settings menu).

    You can set Diary Groups with a Gold Subscription. Once you have logged on with a Gold Account, you can access the "Diary Groups" function in the "Diary" section. Click on the "Settings" Button in the top right corner of "Diary" and select "Diary Settings". Once inside the settings menu, select "Show Groups in Diary" and click OK. Now you will be able to sort your foods into meals! You can view the breakdown of each meal by clicking on the title of each group! Using the mobile app, select "My Profile", then under Settings tap "Diary Settings" Toggle on "Show Groups in Diary" and customize your diary groups. If you would like a more detailed breakdown of this information, feel free to read through the section on Diary Groups in our user guide at

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  • I used to think I didn't need diary groups, but since upgrading to Gold, I can't imagine using Cronometer without it again!

  • Gold member, how can I save meals, supplement regimens etc so I don’t have to add each item everyday? Thanks!

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    @DJS1049 . If you have foods that you eat every day or most days, I would recommend creating a recipe (Or a number of recipes with different combinations). Then you can simply add one "Recipe" instead of many foods each day. You can vary your "Recipe" daily, by entering the recipe into your diary then right clicking and choosing "Explode recipe". This will separate the "Ingredients" out as separate diary entries which you can then edit/delete at your leisure.
    Learn more about creating recipes here
    Learn how to create a meal plan here

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