Trends - Net Calories

I've been exploring the Trends feature.... when I look at the graph showing calories per week it looks accurate, yet when I change it to show 'net calories' it doesn't show anything at all - just an empty chart. Why is this? My calories consumed and calories burned don't evenly cancel each other out.


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    edited February 2018

    Are you using the mobile app? On Android, under trends and charts, for net calories it appears some of the negative valued points are not visible if they are below the minimum displayed value leading to charts with just points or clipped lines or an empty chart. It appears the vertical range needs correcting.

    On the web, under trends, full report, the chart seems fine. Perhaps look there for now?

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    Thank you! I was using the mobile app on my iPhone. When I look at it from a web browser, it seems to display normally (:

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