Track phytonutrients consumed


I love Cronometer and has seen how much benefit it has brought to me in terms of being more aware of my daily nutrient intake. However, I thought the app would be even cooler if it could also display how much phytonutrient we have consumed in addition to macro and micronutrients. For instance, how much resveratrol we have consumed after eating a serving of grapes. I am aware that these are not 'nutrients' in the generic sense and we don't have to hit any limit for them for a day, but these are compounds in food that add incredibly to our health. It would be cool to be able to see how much phytonutrients we eat in a day.

Also, this is a functionality that I would be willing to pay for (on a once off basis), and perhaps other health and data junkies would be delighted to experience as well.

Thank you for your attention!


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