Conversions for the app

I searched "conversions" and "conversions for app" to see if someone else asked, but it pulled no results. So...
When I use cronometer on the PC, I noticed that I can change the measurement, "cups" to "grams" for example, and it will auto convert the number correlated to the measurement method for me. Can I do this for my phone app too?
If yes, then how do I do that?
When I go to edit details on the phone app, and change the measurement of something, I have to manually enter the number. If left blank/unchanged, it doesn't convert the number for me, but instead keep the first number entered.

To clarify, here's an example:
On the PC, if enter "2" "cups chopped" of romaine lettuce, and then change "cups chopped" to "grams", it'll auto change the "2" to "94" which is awesome!
On the phone app, however, when I change "cups chopped" to "grams" it keeps the original "2" and dose not auto change it for me, when editing details.
This is a bit disappointing, as sometimes I forget to convert measurements on the PC and use the phone app while cooking. I also recommend cronometer to a lot of people, and many of them do not use a computer and only use the apps for tracking their foods, so this would be good to know for sure.

I've looked around and havnt found anything that says "convert" or anything along those lines, and when I swipe the food item to the left, the only options are to "show nutrients, copy, or delete" the entry. When I swipe right, the only option it to delete the entry, and when I touch the entry to edit the details, there's no convert option that I can see.
Am I missing something, or is this simply not a feature enabled for the phone app?


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