Multiple biometrics synchronized from Google Fit integration


Your application is very great. However, I seem to experience a weird bug in the Google Fit integration. When it synchronizes, it does import the Height and Weight biometrics multiple times. Even if I did not change my weight inside Google Fit, but rather added a biometric inside Cron-o-metter, it does import (and again multiple times) my old weight in Cron-o-metter.

When I try to delete one of those Weight or Height rows in my Cron-o-metter diary, it works the first time and tells me 'Biometric not found' the second time...

This makes that I can't follow correctly my weight because contradictory measures appear in my diary.

Also, why does it import a Height biometric if it does not change ?

The walking and biking are both correctly aggregated and imported inside my diary as unique rows.

Thanks in advance for you help !


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