Weight and height logged several times a day

I use Cronometer connected to Google Fit, and I think one is messing with the other.
At Google Fit (at Cronometer I never log it at all, since it collects this data from Google Fit), I didn't log my weight everyday, but looking at the weight graph I found it to be updated everyday for about 2 weeks. Also, I can log a new weight - at the moment it will be correct, but then the last weight will take its place. And what about height? I never change it anywhere, but it is been logged to Cronometer everyday, several times a day.
Also, at Cronometer I found weight and height have been logged in several times a day - height was logged 11 times yesterday, as weight was logged 13 times. Now I saw it has been happening for some time.
I think Google Fit is writing information on Cronometer. Cronometer detects this new info and then write it in Google Fit. Google Fit will then detect it as a new info and log it to Cronometer, and so on.
Anyone with the same problem?


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