Print-out bug in Nutrition Facts / food view if 'selection only' printed


If I display the nutrition facts for e.g. 200 g of a product (which has a default of e.g. 1 cup) and, mark/select the complete nutrient data and print it in selection only mode, the nutrient data shown of the food will still show the nutrients for the 200 g, and it will still say 200 g in the Nutrition Facts table in the upper right, but the field behind "Nutrients in:" is on the print-preview and the print set back to the original default e.g. cup - 168 g.

To test this, one must open a food which has a default e.g. per cup, change it to e.g. 200 g, mark the nutrition information, set the printing setting to print 'selection only", and print the information. The error will be on the print and print-preview, but not on the screen before you open the print preview window.

Basically, if 'selection only' is selected, the 'Nutrients in' drop down is reset to default in print-preview and on the print-out. The data stays as selected by the user.

Funny one.

Happy bug chasing!


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