Issue with Inaccurate Net Carbs when Logging Custom Recipes

The iOS app almost always shows zero net carbs when I log a serving of one of my custom recipes, even though the total carb and fiber amounts show up. It’s not a sugar alcohols thing, either, since most of my recipes don’t contain them. The net carbs only show up when I log it through the website from my laptop. I also have the zero net carb issue when logging foods to the website using safari on my phone. This makes getting an accurate carb count nearly impossible. 😩

I sent an email to support, but wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue.


  • I figured it out! It was a sugar alcohol thing after all!

    I realized that the only recipes I was having an issue with were my baking recipes where I used Pyure erythritol/stevia blend as the sweetener. When I started saving my recipes, there was no entry for Pyure, so I had added it as a custom food. I included the sugar alcohols in the “sugar alcohols” field, but I screwed up and didn’t enter anything in the main “carbs” field. Essentially, the sugar alcohols were being deducted from 0g “total carbs", reducing the net carbs in my recipes to less than 0g, if that makes sense.

    Big thanks to Karen at Cronometer for helping me figure it out!! Hopefully my screw up will help someone else out there!

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