How do I turn sound off in the android app?

Hi folks,

Even though I have my phone set to silent, video adverts play loudly while I'm using cronometer. I understand that they pay for the app, but I need to be certain it'll be silent while using it at work... Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks,

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    Note that the sound in ads (this is for all apps, not just Cronometer) is based on your 'media volume' of your phone. Pull up YouTube, play a video, then turn down the volume completely during the video; this will turn down/off your media volume. When you go back into Cronometer, you should still have your ad videos, but they should now be at the lower volume or silent, depending on what you set it to during the YouTube video.

    Note: I use the ad-free app and use an ad blocker on my phone, so am unable to test this for you, but this should work for you,


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    So it's not a solution to the intrusive ads, but the one-off few dollars on the ad-free version of the app is really, really worth it. You don't need a Gold subscription to use the ad-free app, if it helps.

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    Thanks Vickie, I didn't know that was an option. I'll think about doing that, but I'd still prefer to just silence the ads if that's possible.

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