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Hello! I noticed a new UI for the Add Food to Diary > Select a Food feature. It's overall very nice, I just had two suggestions:

1) Pick a different shade of red for fats - it's reminiscent of error messages and indirectly communicates that fats are bad (which they aren't!) Or maybe consider removing the colors from the percentages (which is where this stood out most for me).

2) The pot icon (in the green square) looks like a trash can, leading me to believe it was a delete operation.


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    Thanks for the feedback @Lauren ! We always love hearing from our users! I have passed your message along to the team here.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    I agree, @Lauren! They were my exact thoughts and I was going to comment somewhere. Loving all the other changes I've noticed.

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    You may also want to consider recoloring the "Add Serving" button - it's the form's primary call to action and accomplishes the user's goal - adding food to the diary - yet it's given a subtle treatment in comparison to the informational data, making it not instantly apparent to the eye.

    Sorry for the peanut gallery comments, I'm a product manager at a tech company, I can't help commenting when I see this stuff :)

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