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In the program 200 gr of chicken drumsticks has the same amount of protien as 200 gr of chicken breast. Does this mean the bone weight has to be distracted from the total weight of the drumsticks?


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    Hello @Gary1957 ,

    The nutritional values for chicken drumsticks are meant to be for the edible portions only. In other words, this means that the bone must be subtracted from the weight.

    The nutrition values for your cooked foods will always be more accurate if you record a cooked version of a product in Cronometer, rather than recording the uncooked version of the food. There are water losses, and changes in the digestibility of other nutrients. We recommend weighing the cooked chicken you eat and then logging the cooked value using one of our generic entries sourced from the NCCDB or the USDA.


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    I would assume you did that to some extent given the program is used to plan meals. In line with that why list medium are large drumsticks if you have to weigh them after they're cooked?

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