Editing my Exercise

Although I am able to add exercises just fine, I have yet to find a way to edit or even remove workouts that I may have accidentally Copy/Pasted or typed in too large of a number.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • David


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    On the web app, you can click on the number to edit it. To delete the entry, right click on the row and delete.

    On the phone app, single tap on the incorrect row to edit. To delete, swipe left.

    With exercises I tend no to copy and paste, because the energy calculations change with your body weight, which I assume you're also updating regularly. I would start a fresh exercise entry each time.

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    The only place I forgot to look was in my list of items for the day. Thanks for the help and that is a good tip about the fresh exercise each time!

    Have a great one!

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