Some issues with the site and app..

  • In the web site, when one hovers the mouse over the target bar, the "Top contributors" window pops up, however when using a touch input it becomes impossible to read that content because as soon as the window shows up it's immediately dismissed.
    A simple fix would be to bring the pop up in the click event and let the user dismiss it by clicking outside the window. The hover event would still work when using a mouse so the addition wouldn't break the current design.

In the app:

  • In the nutrients summary view -> tapping a nutrient -> Top contributors list is displayed -> pressing the back button leads to the top of the view and, if all the categories are expanded, it gets very annoying to scroll down and find the place one had left at. It would be nice to go back and be able to resume the browsing from the same place.

  • Also in the summary view, the only way to go back to the diary is by pressing the phone's back button, which can be uncomfortable to reach with the thumb when using the phone with one hand. On the top right corner there's the "Settings" button, which is not something one uses very often. That place is the easiest to reach and should be designated to the most frequent action, which in that view should correspond to a "Back" button, given that it's the logical action to happen next after reading the content.

  • When in the other sections of the app (Foods, Trends, Profile), pressing the back button causes the app to close rather than going back to the diary view, which is the intuitive expected behavior. The diary is the entry view, from there one goes to everywhere else, so pressing the back button should take the user back through the same activities stack the user followed but in the opposite order before quitting the app.

  • A similar problem in the forum: when entering a discussion, pressing the back button takes the user three steps backwards, to the view that starts with "Find your answers here", instead of the sub-section index.


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