Crono App fails on custom biometrics

A while ago I stopped using the Crono app for a variety of reasons, failure to handle custom biometrics correctly was one of them. Today I gave it a new try... bad idea: it still does not work. Here you see the same biometric "floss used after meals" in the web version and you see what is shown in the App: a question mark "?". No good. (do not wonder about the values of "-1". That is not a bug. I enter the value "-1" to indicate "not yet filled out". I save all the entries for a whole day to a future date and then use the copy day function to copy it to the current day in the morning. All this should have no influence on the reported bug)

Hey, how can I upload the images here?? I tap on the image icon but then it asks for an image URL??? I do not have an URL, I have two screenshots!

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