Why does my Carb bar show 162 gm targ and the ratio says 30/60/30 in settings?

I still don't get it...Even with my body fat estimate and BMI, why would I have a goal target of 162 gm of carb or even net carbs? or Protein. The 30/60/30 doesn't jive with anything on my "bar graphs"....
I really think I might like this app if I could just understand the information:(

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    There are two different approaches to customizing your macronutrient settings with Cronometer. It sounds like you have set up a dynamic macronutrient target

    Dynamic Macronutrient Targets:
    Choose a preset ratio of protein:fat:carbs (Zone, Even, High Fat/Ketogenic, Paleo etc.) or set your own custom ratio.
    This will dynamically calculate your macronutrient targets to achieve the ratio of macros based on your calories burned.

    Fixed Targets:
    Use the default RDA values or edit each macronutrient target in the Nutritional Targets section to have the same grams-based target for each macronutrient each day.
    To set your own custom values, first choose Fixed Targets under Macronutrient Targets.
    Then, in the Nutritional Targets section (called Nutrient Targets in the mobile app), select the Carbohydrates tab, click Custom to override the default settings, then enter in your own custom value. Repeat this process for protein and fats.

    I would recommend getting in touch with your healthcare professional (Or contact a new healthcare professional who uses Cronometer on our help page ) to set up a diet for yourself that is practical but still help you reach your health goals!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:


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    Unfortunately you haven't quite provided us with enough information to help you. Based on your other comment (https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/comment/3419#Comment_3419), you think 162g of carbs is too high for you, and yet you say you see "30/60/30" (=1:2:1) under the macro protein:carbs:fat setting, With your 1:2:1 presumably custom setting, 162g of carbs doesn't sound ridiculous at all. (It actually sounds quite low to me but maybe you're shorter or inactive and/or trying to drastically cut down on energy intake.)

    Maybe let us know how you want to eat and what you expect to see? If you want Cronometer to help you on a low carb high fat diet, try changing your diet to "High Fat / Ketogenic" under the Macronutrient Targets section in your Profile.

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    I am 67, 5'8" , 200#, goal wt is 175, but I have read so many crazy things about restricting carbs/low carbs that I thought 50-100 gm would be (and where I was aiming this 1st week) my goal. Soooo, how could I possibly lose weight at 162 carbs?
    How can I lose weight at 162 GM? If everyone is cutting to the bone at 20-50 gm, even pushing it at 100 gm?
    After reading your info several times, I see the 30/60/30 is a % of my total calories????? Right? I am 67 and have only been successful one or two times losing weight with all the info out there, 1000 cal restriction, 1200 restriction, low carb (20-50 --which I COULD NOT DO). I would just like to eat foods I like, healthy foods, that in two weeks I am going to give up and revert to the same things I was going all along.
    I don't necessarily want a special diet. Today I ate 2 boiled eggs and a 1 1/2 cups chopped canteloup for bkft. I made myself salmon salad for lunch yesterday. I like fruit (can't eat on low carb!) chicken, turkey, broccoli---- know all the foods I can eat, but I have stayed away from the carbs...and, of course, who doesn't love bacon?
    I am just confused. I am getting older and older and I would just like to make it easier to get around, walking up steps, after having both knees replaced. Carrying around 5 -5 # bags of sugar around with me all the time is quite tiring.....
    Sorry for the rant. Thanks for taking the time to answering this....

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