Cronometer spontaneously moving dietary entries out of meal categories

Hi! I've started using Cronometer again for the first time in ages, and am finding that the program is really buggy when I'm trying to add foods to my meal categories (BLD). It's spontaneously moving foods into different meals, and also glitching every time I try to move the food that is at the top of my diary entries into its correct meal - a flickering glitch happens and then all the entries that I've just moved into their correct meals goes haywire. Never seen this happen before!


  • Hi @Lentildiode, I would love to learn more about this! Could you provide me with a bit more information about the issue you are experiencing? Is this happening on mobile or web? Have you updated to the latest version? Would you mind sending along some screenshots of the issue you are encountering to [email protected]?
    Any extra information is always helpful!

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  • I've noticed that if my network is slow, or if the Cronometer server is struggling, this could happen. So far it's always been a transient issue for me.

    And then sometimes it's also caused by my being impatient. I find waiting half a second in between actions to work best.

  • Hi Hilary - here's a screen shot. It won't let me drag eggs down into breakfast. Earlier when I had other items up top, it let me drag them down to breakfast, but when I tried to drag eggs in as well, it was putting other entries back up top that I'd already previously dragged into breakfast. Right now it's just refusing to let eggs join the breakfast category. Weird!

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    OK screenshot not working!

  • I can't seem to get the screenshot to post

  • Don't worry it's not that big a deal - I've worked out how to get around it by adding a biometric up top first

  • Hi @Lentildiode , could you send a screenshot to [email protected] please? I think this sounds like an issue our team here has already noted and passed along to the developers, so it is likely it should be fixed soon.

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