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Hello new to Cronometer. Living in Australia - looking for mls say for water but only ozs etc
Wanting to add 2 litres not cups or ozs. Would like not to have to weigh all the liquids. What to do. Is there an Australian friendly version. Bought the gold version straight out but now a little disappointed as it seems not so versatile for a worldwide audience or is there a way to give it instructions for mls etc. many thanks


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    Hi Rhonda, I am a newbie to Cronometer and I live in Australia too. Like you I subscribed to the gold version straight away without thinking if the measurement gauges used would be user friendly for me. I got around this by downloading a conversion calculator from the internet. I just type in the ml, cups and grams and it automatically converts it to American measurements. After a while you get used to the amounts you regularly enter into your diary, like the amount for water. I usually drink 1.3 litres of water per day, which is equal to 43.95 fl oz. I hope that helps to make it a little easier!
    Kind Regards,

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    Hello fellow Aussies! :D The good news is 1ml of water is 1g!

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    Thankyou Vickie & Nancy good to hear from you both - I don't have issues with the 1ml = 1 gm bit just don't want all my measurements in ozs etc want to see the mis/litres of water I drink vs ozs - think that should not be too much to ask. Just have not come across an app that is so behind with its thinking and we pay $47 for the year and almost everything seems to be American. and there are bugs in my App that are making it almost non-functional and this is gold. thanks again V & N

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    Hi @Rhonda , Welcome to Cronometer!
    Many of the foods in the 'Common foods' tab will have better and more complete data, including more serving sizes as well! Check out this blog post for some more suggestions on how to choose your data! https://cronometer.com/blog/6-tips-getting-nutrition-data/ .
    I would also recommend saving a copy of foods you commonly use from our database, and in that saved copy entering a more convenient serving size and unit!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Thankyou Hilary

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