Solgar, Calcium Magnesium Plus Zinc - Has only 3 pills option (Add 1 pill option)


Solgar, Calcium Magnesium Plus Zinc supplement options allow only x3 pills at a time. Actually I can set the amount to 1/3 and normalize it, but its rather an easy fix you'd probably want to do.



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    Hi @dmskn, You can submit an issue on the exact food listing you are using!

    On the web version, you can report an issue with your specific food by right-clicking on the food entry in your diary to select "view/edit selected food". Then select the settings icon in the top right corner, and select "report an issue".

    In the mobile app version, tap "More details" and select the "!" icon in the top right corner. Submitting your issues helps us maintain an accurate and complete database.

    Make sure you submit clear and complete pictures when submitting an issue! Our curation team needs to verify the product before we can make any changes! Thanks for your diligence in making sure our food entries are accurate!

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