All Nutrient Targets are displaying zero

Yesterday was my first day of entering the day's food intake into the diary. Once all entries were added I marked it as Complete. Today, I went back to that diary to review the results and noticed all of the Nutrient Targets at bottom of screen are zero. How can I get the diary to restore the actual values ?


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    Have you accidentally highlighted a row in the diary? Make sure all rows are either white or light grey, without any darker highlighted bluish grey.

    Otherwise, it could be an issue or a glitch.

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    edited June 2018

    Hi @dcb432 have you navigated back to that day by using the calendar in the top left corner of your screen? Cronometer will always default to the current day!
    On the web version, you can toggle between days by selecting the green button with the date reading; this will convert the button to a calendar in which you can then choose the day which you would like to view/edit the diary. On mobile, the date is listed at the top of your page. You can select this to open a calendar in which you can select the diary date.

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