Cronometer crashing while synched with apple health

I noticed that if all the options in the apple health is turned on and it is absolutely synched then the Cronometer is crashing. When I click , even if I click login or sign up it crashes or some times it crashes as soon as it opens with out selection. When the Cronometer is disabled from apple health the Cronometer is restored


  • Hi @Sureshkb ,
    Thanks for reporting this; are you still encountering this problem?

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  • Hey @Hilary, yes I still observe the issue. I noticed that when my watch "MI band 2" is synced with Apple health and cronometer is trying to fetch the data like calories burnt from my watch through apple health. Some times when cronometer is crashing while opening, when I disable or disconnect my watch from Apple health then cronometer is behaving normally.

    Hope this helps!

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