Protein based on weight as well as LBM

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Excellent updates recently. I’m liking the new functionality and the updated look & feel. That said, it would be useful to be able to specify daily protein limits based on actual weight. The Keto diet specifies LBM, which is a great option, but the added availability of selecting actual body weight would be nice.


  • @p0wer_lifter,
    glad to hear you are enjoying the updates! We are always trying to make Cronometer more user friendly, so we love feedback from users!
    If you set your dynamic Macronutrient targets to "High Fat/ Ketogenic" you can choose to set the amount of protein per kg of lean body mass. As lean body mass cannot be calculated off of a formula based on other biometrics, there is no easy way to calculate the protein requirements based on total body weight. To be specific in your protein goals, you will have to do the work and measure your % body fat to determine your Lean Body Mass.
    Check out of user guide to learn how to set up your macronutrient targets for a Ketogenic Diet, and how to measure your percent body fat and utilize this data in Cronometer!

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    Thanks for the reply, Hillary, but I’m either missing something or don’t understand what you’re saying. Currently in the Keto setting we enter protein and the app calculates that against LBM, is that right?

    What I’m asking is to have the app simply base our protein requirements on our entered body weight. So, 2.2g protein per kg of actual body weight.

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    Cronometer's user manual states:

    "Your maximum protein is set based on a multiplier for each kilogram of lean body mass. For strict ketogenic diets, this is typically 0.8 grams of protein per kg, and the Moderate setting has it at 1 gram per kg.
    Pregnant and lactating women will have an additional 25 grams of protein added — but please note it is not recommended that pregnant or lactating women attempt a ketogenic diet, and this should only be done with the approval and close supervision by a medical professional.
    Since the maximum protein target is set based on your lean body mass, for the best estimates, you should periodically record your current body fat % to your diary. Simply log it as a biometric. If you are unsure of how to measure your body fat %, see our handy section for tips on measuring your body fat %."

    As %Body Fat is not correlated to Total Body weight, it is impossible calculate this based on Total body weight. You will need to determine your lean body mass by entering in your %Body fat as a separate biometric in your diary.

    To enter a biometric, follow the steps listed here:

    To learn more about measuring your %Body Fat see here:

    If you are not on a Ketogenic Diet this Lean body mass calculation is not used. The standard settings are based on the dietary recommended intakes and set to the minimum necessary to prevent malnourishment. You can set your own targets based on your body weight by manually changing the chart under nutritional targets in your profile tab.

    See these pages for more information:

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  • Yep got it. Thanks again Hillary, but I think that you’re telling me how it currently works. I’m asking for a feature that behaves differently.

  • Ah I see! Sorry for the misunderstanding! :s And yes, in that case I will pass that along as a feature request! :)

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