Incomplete and wrong nutrient data is maddening!

I have been asking my clients use this app for the past four years to track specific nutrients for chronic health conditions and am finding it is becoming less useful as the data becomes less accurate and is incomplete. When the nutrient data is limited to what's on the food label, it is almost useless to me because we're interested in the omega-6 and omega-3's, magnesium, zinc, choline, etc. Is there a solution to this? If I buy the paid version, is the data more complete? Thanks for any assistance.


  • In general, it's better to enter the generic products instead of the specific brand. For example, Cronometer shows more complete information for plain Shredded Wheat than for the Post or Nabisco brands.

  • What Ferris said. If brand info is used the only nutritional info entered is whatever the brand gives-and this is most times incomplete. It isn't Chronometers fault, it's the manufacturer's fault for giving incomplete information.

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  • I agree with Ginkgo. I put in 1 tablespoon of butter into my food log and when I check the nutrient results for the day it should show saturated fat and it shows zero which is incorrect. It should show some saturated fat as butter is saturated fat but the daily report is incorrect.

  • In several years of using Cronometer, I've never had an issue with a butter entry on the food log, both as a saturated fat amount for the single-food entry and as part of the total saturated fat on the Daily Report. I follow a heart-healthy diet and check the saturated fat daily totals every day.

  • Is there a way to ask them to change wrong info? I take a supplement that they have, but they have wrong amounts of calcium etc per pill.

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