Why do people still use MyFitnessPal?

Cronometer tracks vitamins and minerals. MyFitnessPal does not.

Tracking my day's food intake is SO MUCH WORK! I want the most value for this effort. Cronometer shows me how much magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A I consume. MyFitnessPal does not.


  • The main reason I still turn to MFP is because of the community, it's nice to connect with people and message them while going through your journey. It can be hard to do it alone.

  • Can't people just use Cronometer to track their food intake while using the MFP forums? Or do MFP forums have rules against talking about Cronometer and micronutrients?

  • Sure they could, I just don't think some people want to give the time to have two websites dedicated to their food intake. I switch between the two, but never use them at the same time. It just depends if I need the extra support or not.

  • I tried to sign up for the MyFitnessPal community, but it refuses to accept my registration. So I guess I'll just have to do without it.

  • OK, I finally managed to sign up for the MyFitnessPal community. I had to download it to my smartphone and register there.

  • Is it just me, or is MyFitnessPal a cult? The two things I noticed:
    1. MyFitnessPal HATES competition. I got a warning on my first day for posting a message explaining why I prefer using Cronometer over MyFitnessPal. I had overlooked the rule against promoting a competing product. Yes, one of the terms is "I won’t post or use this service to promote websites that compete with MyFitnessPal."
    2. Everyone is obsessed with counting calories. Even though MyFitnessPal also tracks fiber and sodium, people largely ignore them. The members don't even seem to care that much about the quality of their diets.

  • I've logged my food for years. I used MyFitnessPal but as soon as I found Chonometer I dumped them. Their data base is so corrupted its almost useless. There are dozens of "chicken breast" options and all of them are different. If someone doesn't take a lot of time and is somewhat sophisticated over nutrition they could be off my hundreds of caloreis a day. Plus it has been so interesting to see the micronutrients and such. I started taking a half of a multivitamin with a certain profile after watching my stats for a few months. I love Cronometer!

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