Cronometer: a good name for the app?

I don’t know how many people actually use this forum instead of Reddit, but here goes. I love the Cronometer app. I think it’s the best option out there for calorie counting, especially better than MyFitnessPal (which always seems to be the default recommendation). That said, the name of the app doesn’t scream “calorie counting” to me. Or anything fitness related really. When someone first mentioned it to me, I was actually put off by the name. I of course don’t mind it now, I’ve used it every day for 800+ days if that tells you anything. But, I want EVERYONE to find it and I get the sense that it’s challenging to market since the name of the app doesn’t tell you what it is (actually, now that I mention it, what is a Cronometer?) If the app was simply called “CalorieMeter”, I feel like it would at least get more eyes on it. Once you get an eye on this app, it becomes obvious it’s superior. But I’m sure there are many other names that could be better. Just my two cents, and no hate really, just rooting for this app! I know it’s successful but I would love to see it become a household name. I get the sense that the non obvious name will hold it back from this. Thanks for reading!


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    A chronometer is something that measures time. A stopwatch.

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    Because of its similarity to chronometer, I initially thought it was some sort of efficiency app. I agree MDS86, the name definitely steps on its marketability.

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    The main issue I see is that people continually misspell it. The unofficial Facebook group is littered with instances of it being spelt 'Chronometer', despite the fact that the correct spelling is in the group heading right next to their post. I also see it time and again in other health and fitness groups. I think this demonstrates the importance of using familiar words and avoiding quirky spellings when choosing a brand name.

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