Is this the app to use for logging nutrition after my total gastrectomy? Any advice is welcome.

Hello all. I am about to undergo a total gastrectomy. I am wondering if you feel this app will work for me. I mostly need to keep track of my daily protein intake, like with weight loss surgery, but also make sure I am getting enough calories, so I don't lose too much weight during recovery. Sort of opposite of what this app seams to normally be used for. Any insight by other members would be very helpful. I have been using the diary for 2 days and find it very informative and helpful for looking up and recording my daily meals and nutrition. Again, if anyone has any better suggestion/s for possibly more fitting apps I would welcome them.


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    The advantage of cronometer for your use case is that the database is highly accurate. So if you use a scale to measure the food you log, you should get very accurate data, compared to apps with more user-generated databases (e.g., MFP).

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    Hi! I started using Cronometer after my partial colectomy for the same reason as you--to track my nutrients to be sure I was getting enough. Even the basic free version works great for this. Good luck with the surgery, and keep posting!

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    Surgery went well. Recovery is going very well! I love this app! It is working very well for me. I can use a combination of my mobile and desktop (to tweak things better) and make things make more sense. Not only to me, but my wife and, especially, my nutritionist. I have a tendency to over record things and write down a lot of thoughts also. I made Cronometer work great for me. I was able to share with my nutritionist and I think she was about to offer me a job! Just kidding, but she was very impressed. So, long and short, this is working extremely well for me.
    PS: twisesq, you were absolutely correct and thank you!
    PSS: SilverSonnet430 thank you also and I hope things are going well since your surgery.

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