How to enter soaked chia seeds

I soak chia seeds in water for about half an hour before adding them to my greek yogurt. I weighed 80 g of soaked chia. To enter in my daily log, do have enter the dry seeds quantity (before soaking) as I do not see any entry of soaked chia. From what I know the nutrition changed when chia is soaked. So I do not know how to enter it to reflet the accurate nutrion.
Thank you in advance


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    I don't think there is an absolute right or wrong to do this. Different people have different workflows.

    That said, I weigh the dry chia seeds. It makes it easier for me to track, since I don't have to take into account how much water they've soaked up.

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    I usually soak for my entire family to last couple of days. I guess, I will do one portion for me to estimate how much it is pre soaking.
    Thank you for your response

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