if there is division in the amounts field, please also implement subtraction

Small thing: there is an ability to do division in the amount field, for example I can put 2/5 and get 0.4.

How about implementing subtraction? Would be very useful when weighing something by measuring the weight of the container before and after adding the stuff to the pot. Would save having to use a calculator and then transferring the number to Cron-O-meter.


  • That would be very helpful!

  • I second this. Also, since I quite often use the pattern of weighing a container before and after snacking, it would be great if that pattern were supported as a first-class feature. Call it something like "check out" a food, and enter the weight at checkout. Then the check-in part obviously. This would be superior to basic subtraction support since you could check out multiple foods at once, and cronometer could also remind you (or make it clear to see in the diary) when you haven't checked something back in.

  • What a great suggestion! This could definitely be helpful when adding data for cooked meals. I will certainly add this to our list.
    I recommend checking out this forum thread as well to learn more about adding cooked meals to your diary: https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/comment/1722#Comment_1722

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