Protein Requirements

Does anyone have any insight to why the protein requirements are so low? I don't want to overeat protein, but as I have been reading "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" I came across the chapter on protein and it suggests that my protein needs are at least twice what the cronometer tells me. I work out about 6 days a week - various different workouts and I am not sure I am getting enough protein. If I eat just two chicken wings a day, I am done with meat as by the time I eat other sources of protein and add the trace amounts of protein that I get from other sources, I easily hit my 43 grams. This seems very low to me? Any thoughts?


  • If you're working out a lot, yes you would need to have more protein than the presets on the ketogenic settings (I'm assuming you are using the keto settings). Choose 'custom' from the keto presets list to set it exactly for your needs, instead of using the defaults.

  • Thanks Aaron! I made these changes yesterday. They are much more reasonable and in-line with everything else I have studied for active keto peeps! Thanks for your help.

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