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so I see a lot of requests for offline functionality of some sort, but no development from the Cronometer team to report on. It so happens I am going to be mostly offline for a month starting next week. What should I do to continue tracking my intake. What has worked for others?

On a related note, lack of offline data entry and syncing is seriously making me consider leave Cronometer (I am a paying member). I realize there is not much competition in the offline functionality area but I've found one (MyNetDiary) that does seem to offer offline usage. My problem with Cronometer is its heavy dependence upon a really good network connection. If my network is even the least bit flaky, Cronometer just conks out and restarts. The iPhone app is rather unusable not just in the offline area but in other ways as well (try entering or finding a custom recipe in the mobile app – it is a futile exercise in frustration).


  • Hello @punkish ,

    Thanks for the feedback! We cannot offer an offline mode at the moment. The databases need to be accessed and are very large. Plus license agreements won't allow us to let you have them stored on your device.

    Are you getting any specific error messages when your network connection is bad? Would it be possible to email us some screenshots at [email protected]?

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  • Hi, I wish I could mail you screenshots, but there really is nothing to mail. When the network is flaky, the symptom can be any of the following:

    the apple will spin and spin and then there will be a network timeout message


    the entire page will reload as if the app has "crashed"

  • Limited offline would be a great feature. I prefer Cronometer to MFP. However, I use MFP because it has an off line mode.

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