importing of bioelectric impedance data

I've brought up previously, in a post I can't find, making it easier to get bioelectric impedence data into crono, specifically from the Renpho smart scale which is worthy of consideration because it the long time best seller on Amazon. Yesterday I laboriously entered my 10 months of muscle mass data into Crono. It took a couple hours but I'm very happy with the results and have some hypothesis to test. It appears my best gains came during the several months I was barbell squating. May be increased protein during that time helped, to be tested. May be stopping IF and going to 3 squares also helped, to be tested.

I'm showing these charts to lifters on several message boards and facebook forums to see if there is interest. Dietary information from an app like crono is far more useful to bodybuilders if they can compare what they are eating with muscle gain progress. It's potentially a new market.

Here are the biometrics that the Renpho scale estimates, , body fat%, BMI, fate-free body weight %, sucutanious fat %, visceral fat, body water %, sleletal muscle %, skeletal muscle %, muscle mass, bone mass, protein %, BMR, metabolic age. Yes, they are estimates but over months the trends appear to be quite reliable.

(I tried to upload a screenshot of a crono chart comparing muscle mass gains and protein intake and it failed.)


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