Separate totals for heme and non-heme iron

Is anyone else interested in this? It affects the absorption rate, so this would be very helpful in setting my own targets. Eight mg isn't enough when it's 100% from plant sources.


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    Great suggestion! Maybe you'd be willing to post it on the thread of "feature requests"? :smile:

    Iron absorption is less on a plant-based diet d/t the presence of phytic acids/phytates. In general, a vegan's need for iron may be up to 80% higher than the general population's. However, because our bodies adjust absorption rates based on needs, vegans tend to get better at regulating their iron intake the longer they follow a plant-based diet.

    If you'd like to set a custom target for iron in your database, I recommend aiming for 8-15 mg per day (aim for the higher end if you are an athlete).

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