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  • Sabrina_4

    Hi Susan! I meet mid 80% of the overall target. I follow a mainly vegan diet, i supplement b12. It's mainly my potassium& protein that are low. How I can boost these more in my daily diet? And does not meeting 100% of the overall target mean I am unhealthy? Thank you :)

    November 17
    • Susan_RD_101

      I wouldn't worry about the potassium as we don't have enough information to know exactly how much we need per day.

      For protein, I'd aim for at least 1 g per kg of body weight per day. To meet this, make sure you are including at least 1/2 to 3/4 cup of protein at both lunch and dinner (pulses, tofu/tempeh, bean pasta, TVP, seitan, vegan meats, etc.). It's a good idea to include a protein based snack (Simply Protein Bar, pumpkin seeds, nuts, nut butter, tofu yogurt, etc.) at least 1-2 x per day and look for a mix of protein sources for breakfast.

      Kind regards,
  • Susan_RD_101
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    November 7
  • Bubba

    @grendelsm21 I'm OLD too ;) and staying healthy. I went to a nutritionist and she gave me links online to look up all the recommendations for micronutrients etc. I plugged all that into my cronometer profile, then I'm following - Dr. Greger, "working towards" a plant-based diet, eating fermented foods like my own sauerkraut, sourdough bread, Kombucha, hot sauce -- all lacto-fermented. Probiotics are a big plus for me, even though there needs to be more study. I just noticed they make me feel better and I'm off my stomach medication since I started on them. I lost 15lbs since I started with cronometer; I just eat a healthy diet, balance my activity with the foods I eat, and staying away from processed foods but cooking real foods at home instead. :o I still have treats like a beer here and there, a piece of chocolate, or even some ice cream. All in moderation, and I intend to be around a little longer annoying those around me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    November 4
    • Susan_RD_101
      This sounds excellent! It's important to find a dietary path that speaks to you but then modify it so you can stick with it long-term. I also enjoy the occasional beer and ice cream. ;)