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    December 2017
  • Liz_R

    Hi! My mom and I have recently become vegan and we'd like to know how to add more fiber and protein into our diet. Because of our PCOS, it's increasingly difficult to lose weight. Is there anything we can do to reactivate our metabolism and start getting back to our ideal weight?

    December 2017
    • Ozzy
      Look into periodically reverse dieting. It is basically increasing your calories as much as you can with little to no weight gain. Hold it there for a week or two then go back to calorie restriction this has helped me in the past get over plateaus where even starvation was not lowering my weight.

      I am not a vegan and am trying to limit my protein and carbs but I find many of my ketogenic recipes do have lots of fiber and protein in them. Cauliflower and flax meal are the replacement for things like rice and pizza crust. Few calories and lots of fiber. Many of the low carb replacements like tortilla's boost up the fiber in them rather than just wheat flour.
    • Susan_RD_101
      Thanks for your question! The great thing about being vegan is that fibre intake naturally increases to well above the RDA, which is helpful for increasing feelings of fullness. Some of my favourite sources of fibre on a vegan diet include:
      - Fruit
      - Vegetables (try to eat ~80% raw)
      - Nuts (limit to 1/4 cup)
      - Silverhill's bread (one slice contains 5 g of fibre and 6 g of protein)
      - Oatmeal
      - Oatbran
      - Quinoa
      - Whole grain pasta
      - Beans

      My favourite sources of plant-based protein include:
      - Hemp hearts
      - Pumpkin seeds (2-3 tbsp)
      - Seitan
      - Tofu, tempeh, edamame
      - Beans of all kinds
      - TVP

      My favourite cooking websites are: Healthy Herbivore, Oh She Glows, Forks over Knives, and Minimalist Baker. Chocolate-covered Katie has great suggestions for healthier desserts.

      Aim to ensure that a source of protein and fibre is included with each meal and snack.

      Best of luck!
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    November 2017