Exploding a recipe, how do you do this

Someone was mentioning exploding a recipe on the diary page but I don't see any option to "explode". Also, what do they mean by recipe? The ones that you create yourself or on the restaurant choices? I have a few recipes I created myself, if I click on that to add to my day does explode mean it would add it as individual foods? Thank you.


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    Hi Butterfly,

    When you add one of your custom recipes to your diary, you can "explode" the recipe into the individual ingredients. This allows you to make quick changes to portion sizes or add/delete ingredients without changing your original recipe.

    To explode a recipe, add the food to your diary. On web, right-click the recipe in your diary and choose Explode Recipe from the menu. On mobile, swipe the recipe to the right to reveal the gear icon. Tap on it and choose Explode Recipe.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen,
    Got it. Thanks so much.

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