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I am following the Zone Diet, which it is very nice that it is a selection within Cronomoter, but is there a way to high level view my Macros per Meal? P-C-F per meal is pretty critical in the Zone Nutrition plan and it is a bit cumbersome to see this information in the App. Thank you!


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    Hi NYBumkin,

    With a Gold subscription, you can change the last column in your diary to show a different nutrient, but we can only show a single nutrient at a time. Thanks for the suggestion - it's on our list of feature requests.

    To change the last column in your diary in the mobile app, tap the Profile tab. Under Settings, tap Diary Settings. Choose which nutrient you would like to see in the last column from the list of nutrients.


    Karen Stark
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    That is a bit Cumbersome, but I understand how to get the information. I look forward to the upgraded ability to see more of the Macro Data in one location.

    Thank you Karen.

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    I was going to start another thread on this, but is there any update? This seems like such a basic feature and not nuanced at all so should be easy to implement.

    What is needed is the ability to view the macro breakdown (percentages) for a given group so I can quickly see the ratios of C-F-P for the meal not just how much they contribute to the overall day. It would look like this: If you highlight the group, the graph would show the ratios for the meal itself instead of their relation to the entire day.

    Thanks! Cronometer is so great, it is just a few things like this that seem like they are missing.

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    I believe this has been made a bit easier since my post. You can now swipe right on the meal group and show the nutrition summary for that meal alone. It is much better than how it used to be. Glad someone else is checking their ratios also!

    Are you following The Zone Diet?

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    I am not following the Zone Diet, just regular macro based dieting. I do however like to at least somewhat have my meals (other than snacks) follow a similar ratio to my daily macro ratio. That way I don't usually end up at the end of the day short by a lot in one area.

    It isn't something I watch super close but I do like to have the feature. Thanks for the pointer on the mobile app. I don't see this though as an option on the web interface. I spend prob 30% of my time there as well just because I am sitting in front of a computer a lot.


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    TD NY Bumpkin I’m also a Zoner and thanx fo finding this..
    For others I’ll write it out here. ( I used to put br.l.d. On separate days to get the meal breakdown as the day breakdown. )
    Swiping right on the meal heading e.g lunch and selecting the 4 dots pops up a menu. You can then select: Show Nutrition Summary and there it is for that meal.
    Chrono staff take note and put it in the help/ settings section in the future.

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    edited February 2020

    In case you weren’t aware.
    As a Zoner you have to ignore Chronometers calorie guidelines as the Zone diet is calorie restricted( not volume restricted) and just tailor your daily protein needs for your lean body weight . For me 6’ male 160 lbs 18% fat, lightly active is about 105 grams so each meal is 30 grams and 2 snacks at 5-10 grams. So my daily calories would be 100x4 =420 from protein, 420 from fat and 560 from Carbs = 1400. Typically Chrono says I need 1800 per days as sedentary.
    If I exercise ,I proportionally add calories. eg 3 mile walk =180 calories.

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