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Hi there....

I'm a little confused by what the App is telling me. My calorie target is 1831 per day, I have only consumed 293 calories so far today yet when I look in the App it's telling me "For your weight goal you can eat 540 more calories today" yet above this it says my Caloric Deficit is 1,538.

Please tell me this is a glitch :)



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    Hi Neilo,

    When you have a weight loss goal set, Cronometer will subtract an amount of calories from your daily total to meet that weight loss goal.

    For example, a weight loss goal of 2 lbs per week requires a daily calorie deficit of about 1000 kcal per day.
    That would give you: 1831 kcal- 1000 kcal = 831 kcal intake per day to reach this goal.
    If you ate 293 kcal so far today, then that leaves: 831 kcal - 293 kcal = 538 kcal left for today.

    You can edit your weight loss goal in the profile tab on web. The drop-down menu under the weight goal graph has additional options to choose from. You can find these options in the app, by tapping the targets icon in the diary page, then tap Settings in the top right corner. Tap your weight goal to edit.


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you Karen - definitely user error in this case! :)

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