What is the best way to set-up Cronometer to track my cholesterol intake?

I am a newb to Crono and was curious if anyone is using this app specifically as a tool to lower their cholesterol. I would welcome any advice.

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    Hello @Jackson ,

    Welcome to Cronometer!

    You can choose up to 7 highlighted nutrients that will show at the top of the list of the Calories Summary, in which you could include Cholesterol. On the website, you can customize these settings by selecting the gear icon in the 'Nutrient Targets' section to show the desired highlighted nutrient. Here is a video on how to customize the nutrient targets (you can fast forward to 1min26 to see how to customize highlighted nutrients) : https://youtu.be/dpEWiM7T-DI

    You can also customize your target nutrients on the mobile app by tapping the 'Targets' circle which will bring you to the 'Calories Summary' page, select the 'Settings' in the top right hand corner, in the 'Highlighted Nutrients Target' Section, select the nutrient you want to change (in your case select sodium), and you will be able to choose what nutrient you want see as one of your main targets. You can see these highlighted nutrient targets by swiping the top screen banner to the left.


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