New Features - June 2018 Roundup

Hi there and greetings again from all the team here at Cronometer.com Towers!
This is our 2nd monthly update on new features, albeit a few months overdue. I’ll try to get better with sharing our new features news with you on a regular schedule!

Here’s what’s been going on since the last update at the end of March:

Free App updates:

  • 27,000 foods reviewed by curation team:
    o 74% approved
    o 16% rejected
    o 10% with issues, then resolved

  • The above shows the work involved in having a curated database, which sets cronometer.com apart from other apps, ensuring the most accurate nutritional information possible

  • Redesign of charts
    o Taking advantage of better available charting
    o As a result, will have more advanced charting features soon

  • Strava Integration
    o Import your activity

  • Nokia Thermo Support
    o Import Boby Temperature from Nokia/Withings Thermo Device

  • Delete/Retire recipe impact on previous diary entries change
    o Will now ask user if they want to update previous entries, or preserve diary

  • Investment in platform to ensure GDPR conformity and strengthen HIPAA compliance
    o Security has always been central to what we do, this helps us formalize it

Gold Updates:

  • All of the free app updates plus
  • New Recipe Editor in Mobile Apps
    o More intuitive recipe entry based upon user feedback

  • Add Serving Dialog Redesign
    o More intuitive recipe entry, based upon user feedback

  • Add photo/images to notes
    o Upload image (I use one per meal, when I take a picture of my meal)

  • Show net carbs in new recipe editor
    o User can choose to show total carbs or net carbs

  • Timestamping in beta testing (and looking great)
    o Lots of beta users, and working with new intra day charting

Pro Updates:

  • All of the free & gold updates plus
  • Lots of bug fixes based upon feedback
    o Also some plumbing for exciting upcoming features

Since our last update, we’ve had a few changes ourselves! We moved to a brand new office here in Revelsoke, BC, allowing us to expand – and hired more developers to get to new features faster, and more data curators and customer support to ensure we are providing the best service possible.
We’ll get some more personnel updates in the Team area of the forums over the next few weeks https://forums.cronometer.com/categories/begin-here .
Also, we’ve got the following that we are almost complete on, we hope to release very soon:
Oura Integration
HeadsUp Health Integration

We’ll keep busy improving the world’s best nutrition app 😊
Let us know by commenting below what new feature you’re excited for and what you’d like to see next.
Until next month,
The Team @ Cronometer.com

Brian cronometer.comAs always, any and all utterances here are covered by our T&Cs:https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/27/governing-terms-and-disclaimer


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    Looks good, I have a few comments/suggestions.

    1. It would be useful to add the version number that these new goodies will be in, so we can know if we can / should be using the new features right now or have to wait a few days/weeks for release
    2. speaking of which, add the release date as well as the version :)
    3. Time Stamping question - not sure if any beta testers can respond (depends on NDA I suppose), but hopefully cronometer staff can comment - will the new feature allow us to retrospectively change the time or is it set to whatever time the food / recipe was entered ? I rarely enter food as I am eating it, so am hoping it is a changeable field.
    4. Time Stamping New Feature - I am excited by this if done as #3 as then it should be a fairly easy job to include a view of fasting to help those who do Intermitted/Extended fasts. Good to get graphs of this too
    5. Speaking of fasting, something that may need to be considered is to allow a food item or recipe to be "fast appropriate" so that its timestamp is ignored in any fasting time calculations by #4.

    Thanks again for the update, I have used the fitbit tracker and mfp but within a week of using Cronometer, I signed up for Gold - absolutely love it, even though a lot of the food has a US bais (understandably), you need to get more curators in the other regions like the UK :) (here to help if that is an option)

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    Hi @Vji6697 -- yes you'll be able to edit times to any value including none. We won't have fasting features right away, bit this will allow us to build some in the future.

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    The update that went out today is using stronger colors for the macro-nutrient graphs. These are a poor choice for text readability. The older colors, the ones still used on the nutrient target breakouts, are very readable. They work because the black text works on the light background while the graph is not filled, and on the soft colors while the graph is filled. Please go back to the softer colors on the macro target graphs. Using Safari 11.1.1 on macOS 10.13.5

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    The update that went out yesterday lost 2 features I loved:

    • seeing the macronutrient % pie chart for one or more diary items
    • seeing those % down to the first decimal point

    I need these for balancing my diet macronutrients quickly. To accomplish the first feature now, I have to select the food items, create a recipe from them and examine the recipe on the foods page--what a pain. Please put these features back on the diary page.

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    @MikeM FYI Selecting anything in the diary should filter the 'CONSUMED' pie chart to the selection.

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    Yes! I really thought this wasn't working yesterday, but it is today. Thank you! One more request: could you put back the tenths of percentages in the calories summary pie chart? The tenths are so useful for seeing how much of an adjustment I need in my consumption when I am trying to hit my daily macronutrient percentages.

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