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Greetings from South Korea!

First of all~ Thank You! I love this app and have been using it every day this week. I am so happy I found it. So, for all of you doing all the work to make this program for us and allow us to use it affordably~ Thank You ;)

I have two questions about cronometer. The first one is about syncing with my iPhone. I notice that when I log in a new weight into my apple health, it automatically shows up in my Cronometer diary. However, the steps and activity I've done does not show up. So, I just manually input the walking I've done today, etc. while I have my activity level set at 'Sedentary'. Is this what I should be doing?

Next ~ I know that blending fruit and vegetables to make a smoothie alters the nutritional value of the food. When I create a new recipe for, say, a banana/oat-milk smoothie, I just enter 2 raw bananas and 1 cup oat milk? Is there no option to say "blended" when making a recipe? Maybe the difference isn't that noticeable and I should not care too much. At any rate, I am just wondering about this. Also, when making soups, for example, ~ should I just enter the ingredients raw or cooked?

Thanks again for all of your hard work on this~ I really do appreciate it.



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    Hello @Spyridon ,

    We're happy to hear that you've been enjoying our app so far! :)

    We currently do not import steps tracked from your phone's Apple Health. You could log an exercise that reflects the calorie burn for your steps.

    Apple Health will only import active energy if you have an Apple Watch, it will not calculate your active energy from your phones step counter.

    We unfortunately do not have the option to enter if the food has been blended or not, as the nutritional data has not yet been made available to us. would say that it is safe to use our generic raw values, which have complete nutrient profiles, to best track your nutrient intake for your smoothies.

    For your soups, you should be using the cooked values. The most accurate way to track your nutrition is to weigh your foods after they are cooked, and to log the cooked value in Cronometer.


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    Thank you very much ~ All of these answers were pretty much guessed at, but double checking is always safe. I really appreciate all your work.

    Enjoy the summer!

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