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I was recently on vacation (to Singapore & Malaysia (beautiful countries)), and rarely had access to wifi, and using/buying mobile data would utterly break the bank. I was planning on counting calories, but I had totally forgot to check if the app works offline. It doesn't.

So I have returned with a feature request!
Please add the ability to use the app while without access to the glorious internet.
Let the app store data on my phone when offline, then the next time I am lucky enough to have a connection, sync whatever data I might have recorded, back into your servers :P


  • Hello @Jkbstnbrg ,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, we don't have an offline version. The databases need to be accessed and are very large. Plus license agreements won't allow us to let you have them stored on your device.

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  • @Marie_Eve_H ,
    Those problems flew right over my head when I was writing the post!....
    I can see why it would be hard to make the current app fully usable when offline.

    Instead of my first suggestion, which I now see would be practically impossible, what if the app could do something like this:

    When user is offline and without access to their account, the app goes into "offline mode". In this mode all entered data would be temporarily stored on the users device. Obviously, in offline mode, users would not have access to any external services, such as the database or their online account. In offline mode, when entering food/exercise into the diary, the user would be storing the names and basic info of said food/exercise and not their nutritional information. The next time the user opens the app while connected to the internet, the "offline mode" diary would open and so would a pop-up asking the user if they would like to sync their "offline diary" with an account. If the user says yes, they would precede to the login screen where they would log in to a pop-up asking if the app could automatically search the database for their offline entries, if the app finds a matching item in the database the user would be asked to verify it. If user verifies it, the offline entry would be added to the standard diary, just like any other entry, with all the nutritional information present.

    I understand that this suggestion would be [very] hard to implement, but it is just an idea. (I dont expect something like this to be implemented anytime soon), but maybe sometime in the distant future, this could be a very helpful feature.

  • Hello @Jkbstnbrg ,

    Thanks for the suggestion! As you mentioned, these changes are hard to implement, but we will take these ideas into consideration for when we do get there :)


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  • I would also love an offline mode. I wonder it Cronometer could just store the previous 3 days of entries on my phone all the time, as well as any foods/recipes that I've either created or favourited. Thank you!

  • I know this has been mentioned before, but I'm going to hop on the bandwagon and say I would also LOVE an offline mode. That is probably the main (and only) thing I miss about MyFitnessPal is the ability to track offline.

    If the database subscriptions are costly, I would throw my hat in the ring and say I would pay more than my current subscription to get an offline function. A lot of the time I just want to edit something, or add some water to my daily tracking, so its already something that is logged in my diary. I just want to look at it.

    The ability to just get past the login screen is more than half way there for me, personally.

  • Back in my day, offline mode was a journal that you wrote in with pens and pencils. :D

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