Limit ORACLE Recommendations to Common Grocery Items

There are a lot of food items in the database. Many of them are NOT common foods for the majority of people. Having a feature that would limit the Oracle results to common grocery items would be very beneficial to most users. With online grocery ordering becoming ubiquitous the databases must exist to take advantage of this feature. It would add a unique feature to Cronometer and help the users greatly.


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    Hello @carlrcraw ,

    When searching the Oracle for specific nutrients in the 'Foods' tab, you can refine your search to certain categories such as 'Fruit and Fruit Juices' and 'Vegetables and Vegetable Products'.

    You can also access the Oracle Food Suggestions on the website in the 'Nutrients Target' section on the main diary page . On mobile, it can be accessed from the diary menu (orange '+'). You can click on the 'X' of a food suggestion to remove it from the list and see a different suggestion, and our software will still suggest it again in the future. When you 'Thumbs Down' a food, it will remove it from the list, and will also stop suggesting it in the future.


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