Protein the same every day but other Macros change?

I exercise different amounts each day and on the Cronometer my Macro goals change accordingly along with the calories I am allowed. Protein goal always stays at 76g. Why is that?


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    Hi KarenLRB,

    This would depend on your macronutrient target settings. Are you using a Dynamic macronutrient target setting, High Fat/Ketogenic or Fixed targets?

    Based on your description, it sounds like you might have High Fat/Ketogenic macronutrient targets set? Using the High Fat / Ketogenic option is a special case, we dynamically calculate a maximum target for your carbohydrate and protein targets, and set the remainder to fats. Your protein is calculated per kg of lean body mass, so unless your weight or % body fat has changed, your protein target will remain the same. Your maximum carbohydrates are set based on the strictness setting, and an additional 1 grams of carbohydrates are added for every 50 kcal of exercise, so your carbohydrate value will change based on how much exercise you have done each day. Fats will make up the difference in any additional energy you burn, so the fat target can vary day-to day as well.


    Karen Stark
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