Is there a way to change the diet ratio from day to day without changing it for all entries?

First off, thanks to all who have answered previous questions. I apologize for not being able to get back to you. As it is, I'm up past my bedtime most nights just trying to track my numbers.

My new question: I'm still in the throes of trying to discern the right ratios for myself, and am wanting to try a more 'cyclical keto' thing - going from a Modified Keto, to a High Carb/Low fat (and protein) regimen, to a Strict Keto over the course of a week, and cycling back back again (not sure of the pattern or time frame yet.) But each time I change ratio preferences (and I very much appreciate the option to do so) it changes my diary for all previous and future days. Any way to have some control over that automatic feature?

And, while I'm at it, anyone finding a cyclical pattern that works for them?

Thanks in advance -

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    Thank you. Good to hear. For the time being I'm on an alternate diet (HCLF one day, LCHF the next) and I have gotten used to just flipping the plan around each day. Its a great app. I look forward to seeing how it grows as users become increasingly sophisticated with their tracking needs/desires. You may want to know that I've also created a list, sorted by macro type, and then general food type, which makes it easier to use as a reference when I'm planning the next day's meal. Has helped me focus more easily on keeping fats low on the days I'm doing carbs, and carbs low on the days I'm doing fats/proteins.

    Thanks again -

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    Has there been any progress on this feature or is it here and I'm just missing it?

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    Hi Sirhc14,

    This is a big project and we are still working out the details. Thanks for checking in!


    Karen Stark
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    Hi there, has this been added or still in work? thank you.

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