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Has Cronometer already considered adding a "Per serving" result to Ask the Oracle? I would find it so much easier to compare results when amounts were comparable in terms of how much a serving would be. For example, 100 grams of Cream of Tartar is never eaten! And yet it rises to the top of the Oracle's results for foods providing potassium. I also noticed that even when supplements were ticked off to be included in the results, none appeared. Can you explain?


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    i think the oracle also needs better controls over what to include or exclude. For example, right now i am a pescatarian. So i'd like to have vegetarian & seafood suggestions, but not other land-based meats; currently i can't select that.

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    Hi @MerryS_50 , we do have the option to "Rank by the oracle" which removes a lot of redundant and less useful entries. See our user manual to learn more about how the Oracle ranks foods: https://cronometer.com/help/foods/#oracle. I would recommend narrowing down the categories you have ticked off in your search as well in order to remove suggestions that may not be relevant to you.
    If you are looking for supplements specifically, I would recommend choosing only the "Supplements" category. Keep in mind that many supplements, especially in tablet form do not have a weight or calorie amount associated with their serving size; This makes it more difficult for the oracle to rank these listings.

    @judoman_09 , I believe you are referring to a different feature than MerryS_50. The Suggest Foods feature found on the diary page does not have quite as many filters as the Oracle on the Foods Tab. Hopefully we will be able to address this in the future to cater to pescatarian needs. Thanks for the suggestion!

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