Importing macro / micros from the underwhelming but more widely used MFP


We switched over to Cronometer 2 weeks ago, immediately purchased Gold and are never looking back. Your product wipes the floop with MFP in all but one department: Database.

The lady and I have been creating as much as we can, creating recipes etc, but it's getting tiresome. Mainly the issue is that we're in Australia and we don't see Cronometer ads here the same way MFP adds are spammed everywhere. I don't actually understand how anyone can use MFP when Cronometer exists. I just don't think a large number of Australians even know about it yet.. which leads to database issues.

It'd be lovely if there was a way to import the macro or micronutrients from other sites. If you can't access or they restrict their API, a workaround would surely exist considering their sites mostly list the nutrients in clear text?

Would love to know if this would be considered.



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    For two weeks I've been tracking my food here, on MFP and using the Australian NUTTAB food database. Yeah, three different locations (I'm bored). Anyway the reason I mention this is that on Cronometer I'm using, for the majority of foods, generic USDA and NCCDB entries. I've noticed (after annoyingly having to manually convert kcal to kJ) energy-wise all three methods/locations I'm using give very similar values -- within about 200kJ a day for about 9000kJ total intake. The weight of fats, carbs and protein are usually very close (today they all agree to within 10g) as well.

    On MFP I use the brand name foods and not the generic foods like I do on here and also manually using NUTTAB so the fact that the weight/ratios of the macros match up so closely means that I'm more confident about the micronutrient values which is the main reason I am using the USDA or NCCDB entries predominantly on here.

    I agree that it would be nice to import reliable data from other sites, but in my experience a significant number of database entries on other sites are just plain wrong. I doubt users deliberately enter incorrect data but shrug. Related to that, have a look at the nutrition info on a packet of Ryvita here in Australia. To save on packaging costs (I suppose) the packet has nutrient panels in Australian, British, German, American, Spanish formats, and maybe a few others. The information in each "version" of the nutrient panels is slightly different (on the same box!) So it's no wonder user compiled data relying on manufacturer nutrient panels can be inaccurate.


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    Related, kind of, maybe Cronometer could see if they're allowed to import the NUTTAB data. That'd be cool B)


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    Hi @ThrivesOnNeglect and @TheRegents
    We had a great conversation in another thread about this:

    ps. @ThrivesOnNeglect we are thrilled to hear how much you love Cronometer!! Thanks! :)

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