Android app unusable for finding out nutrients in food

I experienced the following:
1. I go to Foods in the Andoid app
2. open any of my self-defined foods
3. I see that all the nutrients are for 1g. So, all the bars are grey for all the vitamins, minerals, etc, because 1g of food typically does not contain noteworthy amounts of nutrients... ➞ This is all useless.
4. I tap on the 1g hoping to be able to change it into 100g, but it is not tappable. In the web version one can display nutrients for 100g

Honestly, I ask you: do you think this app is ready for usage? See the several bug reports I produced recently...


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    Hi Lolinda,

    Thanks for reporting the issue that you are having. Can you give us some more details to help us figure this one out?

    Did you create your custom food on the website, or using the Android app? When did you create your custom food? Did you enter in a weight for your custom food when you created it? Did you enter in multiple serving sizes, or just a single serving size? Would you mind sending screen shots and sharing the number of the custom food with us at support@cronometer.com ? We can dig into more details this way.

    Thanks again for your feedback - it is much appreciated!


    Karen Stark
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    edited August 2018

    I created all foods in the web version of crono as my repeated bad experiences prove the app unfit for usage. (Inspite of this, I did a new series of tries now and just failed again, miserably)

    I created them months or years ago.

    I always specify everything in grams

    will send a screenshot by mail

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