Singling out ingredients in a recipe for info

Is there a way to do this?

In a recipe, I'd love the ability to see what individual ingredients are contributing what to overall calculated totals (like protein, fat, minerals, etc). In the diary, there's the ability to hover your mouse over a vitamin or mineral to see what is contributing how much % to it's total. I think that would be very helpful for recipes!

Right now, my recipe adds up to 15% daily potassium, but I can't see what's contributing to that. So I have to "Explode Recipe" in my diary, but then I can't collapse it back. Also, the individual ingredients add up to 11% in my diary, but 15% in my recipe. A little confusing to say the least!


  • Hi tamasf2089,

    It would be really helpful to see how each ingredient contributes to the nutrients in your recipe - thanks for the suggestion!

    I can explain the difference between the percentages in your diary and in the recipe editor. The food and recipe editor will show you the %DV for each nutrient, while your diary page will show you the % of your individualized nutrient target.

    The %DV provides a way to compare the nutrients in two different food products, with potentially different serving sizes - by standardizing the amount of each nutrient to %DV based on a 2000 kcal diet.


    Karen Stark
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  • Thanks for the explanation of the difference, Karen!

    But yes, I hope that seeing individual contributions to recipes will be implemented soon! It will certainly change the way I cook :)

  • So...Any progress on that? It would be great to see the nutrient info for a certain ingredient in a recipe.

    It would also be nice to be able to hover over a certain total (like total calories, or carbs) of a recipe and see what ingredient is contributing what to those totals

    Considering that both these things can be done in the diary page, is it difficult to also add that feature to the recipe page?

    I'd rather not "explode recipe" every time I want to single out what it contributing what. That makes things messy and takes a lot of scrolling back and forth.


  • Hi tatmasf2089,

    Not yet - we are working on a big project right now that will pave the way to making changes to the recipe editor to implement these features that you have requested.


    Karen Stark
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  • Hi Karen,

    Do you have any update on this? Its a shame that the ease of use gained from using recipes is somewhat offset by the lack of utility in not being able to see what individual ingredients are contributing what nutrients. It is not very helpful to see, for example only my "Morning Oats" recipe as a top nutrient contributor. A simple fix to this (and I say simple as a lay observer/non-programmer) would be to enable me to click on my "Morning Oat's recipe when I am looking at top contributors to a given nutrient or macro, and have that drop down into the individual ingredients of the recipe (in the app). Something along the same lines would be helpful within the recipe itself in the Daily Diary.

    I must say that the utility of your App has significantly decreased for me since I signed up for the Gold Subscription, because of this lack of a feature, as I am now using more recipes and can no longer see where I am getting my nutrients from beyond the recipe itself. This is a significant enough drawback that I would consider not renewing my Gold or asking for a refund on it, as I may move away from using recipes as my primary means of entry... which ultimately would decrease the utility of the app, and could contribute to making a decision to stop using your product.

    OTHER than this, I have had an amazing experience using your company's product and hope to be able to continue using it well into the future and getting others to use it with me!

    It seems that you have been working on this major update now for over a year, and while I know these things take time, I myself, and I am sure others, would greatly appreciate making this feature a major and immediate priority! =)


  • Hi @Matimio we have released our mobile app's complete redesign a couple of months ago, plus an overhaul to our web version a couple of months before that. We also released an update to our trends tab last week, plus more to come in the next couple of months. We are a small team here at Cronometer, and I think I speak for all of us, when I say we are pretty proud of the updates we have accomplished especially in the past year or so!
    Not only that, we are consistently releasing updates for both web and mobile including smaller bug fixes and features.

    We have heard this feature request and passed it along to the design team. Be assured we have it on our radar! Thanks for your continued interest - we love hearing user feedback (both good and bad; we love it all!)

    I'd personally also love this feature, so not to worry; I won't forget ;)

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  • Thanks @Hilary, and my apologies, I did not in any way mean to imply a lack of work! I'm a relatively new user, so came into everything already benefiting from the redesign and trends tab. I find your app to be very strong, and switched from other apps on the market, and even went to Gold fairly quickly =). Thanks for your quick reply, and I look forward to you team's future developments, and hopefully a feature along the lines discussed in this thread.

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