looking for basic ham from supermarket

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when i search for ham, it finds all kinds of different products, like ham, which is basically one big heap of meat.
I am looking for basic ham from supermarket, (not sure how it calls) ham in bag, or in package, i checked tag:"common goods".
Still it found all kinds of ham, none of them would classify like classic ham, i even tried to find specific products.
Any advice on searching ?


  • Hi Empleat,

    Are you searching for sliced ham, like you would find at a deli for sandwiches? The NCCDB has a food called "Ham, Lunchmeat" that might be what you are looking for.

    There are a large number of cured pork roasts, if you are looking for a packaged ham roast. For example, "Ham, Boneless, Cured, Visible Fat Eaten"

    We have a great blog post with advice on how to search for foods in our database here:


    Karen Stark
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  • Thanks ham lunchmeat that will be it probably, close neough...
    I don't know what ham i will eat in future yet, it may be chicken ham, in this case i found nothing, or pork ham. Used to write all nutrients to my diet manager, than didn't follow my diet anyway - adhd :tired_face: ...
    Now i don't care that much.

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