Recurring foods

Every morning I drink water with lemon juice. Is there a way to add a recurring 'food/event?'


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    There isn't at the moment, but many of us create a set of foods we consume daily and copy it ("Copy Previous Day", "Copy Current Day" and paste, etc.) to set up future dates ahead.

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    I am new to this as well, I thought it would keep my foods, logged in today and its blank does copy paste only work if diet is filled in

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    Hi Shellsdiet,

    'Copy Previous day' will take everything entered in the previous day and paste it in the current day automatically

    'Copy Current Day' will allow you to paste the contents in any date in your diary. To paste the items, navigate the the date in your diary, then select the gear icon in the top right corner of the diary and select Paste.

    Similarly, you can multi-select items (on the website, hold the shift key, then click on each item you would like to select) and then paste them in any date in your diary.


    Karen Stark
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